i'm laura and i'm very indecisive. i like getting lost in books, coffee shops, cameras, gigs, picnics, and the sound of rain at night. I spend most of my time wishing I was somewhere else, I'm very opinionated, I would like to think i'm more interesting than i appear, and I feel like I'm wasting my time on earth ''

It was not supposed to be like this I was meant to be hot and tall and funny and interesting not chubby and boring looking and unable to make conversation
Can I get a refund


Scones with cream and berries (by honeypoo)

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omlette (by andrei borodin)

Untitled (by Takuroh Toyama)

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Submarine dir. Richard Ayoade
"Ask me how deep the ocean is.""Shut up."

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24th July 2014;
I feel like I should be documenting my summer just bc I look forward to summer all year but I keep forgetting!! It’s really hot but like humid and I don’t really like it unless I’m within 5m of a cold shower and drink lol I’m going to be terrible in America. Yesterday we went to mollie’s and stayed over and it was quite a weird night but compared to other nights it wasn’t that weird. This morning I had work and I am always early which is fun (it is not) so I just wander around on my own. After work I came home and got a package and tried to tidy my room lol crazy. I made a sandwich then later me, mol and morwenna went to the cinema. Me and mol cycled and I saw holly who works at an ice cream kiosk and she made me an ice cream yeahhh:—-). Then we went to see Boyhood it was so long omfg like what like it was clever but no I don’t know how to feel about it. Then I cycled home with mollie but the last bit alone and saw a terrifying man lol I have never cycled so fast. I have so many plans for summer but I also went to spend the next 5 weeks in bed.

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My neighbours have seen me naked far too many times

Anonymous:hi laura! :) so... i'm in a middle of a almost-16-teenage-girl-crisis hahah the thing is my 16 birthday is in two weeks and i don't know what to do in the day! I wanted it to be something very especial and only for the close friends... do you have any tips?

Hey :-)) well it really depends what you like doing! But I would have a picnic :—) like if you live near any forests/fields/beach or even in your garden! If it’s raining you could even have an indoor picnic which are cute. You could ask everyone to bring something like one person bring sandwiches etc. depending on like if your parents will fund it. I’d put up some bunting and make a playlist and get/borrow some speakers or if anyone can play guitar you could all sit there singing aw it would be cute! Maybe get a couple of disposable cameras and take lots of photos of what you’re doing, idk I just think that would be really cute!! Hope this helps xxx

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❝ Women get paid on average just eighty-three per cent of men’s salaries; in effect we get paid until the end of October, then work the rest of the year for nothing. ❞

- The Noughtie Girl’s Guide To Feminism by Ellie Levenson