i'm laura and i'm very indecisive. i like getting lost in books, coffee shops, cameras, gigs, picnics, and the sound of rain at night. I spend most of my time wishing I was somewhere else, I'm very opinionated, I would like to think i'm more interesting than i appear, and I feel like I'm wasting my time on earth ''

I had such a lovely evening and I want every evening to be like this.
I cycled to the beach and met holly and it was sunny and we did a sort of slow cycle so she could walk along with me. We met the gang at one of my fave cafés/restaurants and I had eldeflower lemonade and carrot cake and sat on a comfy cushion with a blanket. We cycled on the promenade in circles for a while, and later played football on the beach which was hilarious although my tights filled up with sand, and we talked to the owner of a tiny 3 month old jack rusell/chihuahua (it was so cute). It was dark and we were starting to get cold so we cycled back to holly’s; she peddled my bike standing I and I sort of sat with my legs in the air haha which worked surprisingly well, and we all watched tv at hers with the fire on. I cycled home with no lights or helmet which was stupid but I didn’t pass any cars at all on my way home, and the sky looked so pretty and I was looking up at the moon and the stars feeling very insignificant. Cycling down hills when there is no one around at night is the best and yeah I feel very happy right now. I had such a lovely evening and I want every evening to be like this


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as you all probably know I never do promotions, but I really want to thank Jay for designing my beautiful new theme, so please please please check out his blog! He's so lovely

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d-urban:I've just seen your post saying that you are seventeen and it made me realise how long I've had tumblr because I swear you were one of the first people I followed and you had just turned fourteen! Still love your blog <3 xx

omg that’s so weird :’-)))! I was thinking the other day it’s very nearly 3 years since i first made tumblr, aw i’m so glad you’ve stuck with my blog all this time haha!:’-)<333

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hi friends ask me questions!! they can be nosey or personal or funny or philosophical or get me to tell you my secrets or embarrassing stories just anything

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