i'm laura and i'm very indecisive. i like getting lost in books, coffee shops, cameras, gigs, picnics, and the sound of rain at night. I spend most of my time wishing I was somewhere else, I'm very opinionated, I would like to think i'm more interesting than i appear, and I feel like I'm wasting my time on earth ''


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We Need To Talk About Kevin is the most powerful and shocking film I’ve ever seen but it’s sooo good. I’d definitely recommend


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23rd April 2014;
I had a really good day!! I got a lie in until 8 it was great!! My mum dropped me off to get the bus a scary man kept punching a phone box. I got the bus and got completely lost bc we were going to a ucas convention and I have no sense of direction. I made it and found my friends we went to a talk and looked at unis. It was really crowded and me and lauren got separated from the others but I got some prospectus’ and asked about deferred entry. Then we got the bus to lauren’s and watched GBBO and ate m&ms and her mum took us to school. We ate holly and morwenna’s cold chips (when I say we I mean mainly I) then I had an English mock it was bad but I have stopped caring. We got buses home I did no work and went for a run and had a very good bath. I tried to go to the cinema but no buses so I came home made my lunch had a food binge and now I am in bed wishing that it was normal to share a bed with someone like can I purchase a spooning buddy online

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My friends rang me and said they wanted me to come to the cinema with them and when I said ‘why would you want me to come?’ One of the reasons was ‘we miss you’ and it sounds stupid because they were joking but no one has ever explicitly asked me to come somewhere or told me that they missed me

Hmm I’m not sure school is my kind of thing actually


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