i'm laura and i'm very indecisive. i like getting lost in books, coffee shops, cameras, gigs, picnics, and the sound of rain at night. I spend most of my time wishing I was somewhere else, I'm very opinionated, I would like to think i'm more interesting than i appear, and I feel like I'm wasting my time on earth ''


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Anonymous:Does it ever annoy you when people say stuff like 'there's a difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades'? I'm not arguing against this in every case but I think it just undermines the achievements of people who have done well and encourages people that it's okay to be lazy and that grades don't determine intelligence (which they don't entirely but do to an extent) sorry for the rant it's just something I see a lot on tumblr! X

I know what you mean!! A lot of people say things like ‘there are so many faults in the education system’ but don’t specify them and describe exmas just as memory tests etc. I understand that the education system is in no way perfect, but it’s very difficult to test people in a way that isn’t simply memory tests. So yeah I do agree, and most of the time you do need good grades for certain things x

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Anonymous:I kinda copied your bio if you dont mind

Wtf???? :’((
jk that’s fine aha but a lil strange man, your bio should be about you! X

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